The company sincerely provides customers with the following service:
1. Planning and consultation of type selection, configuration, upgrading, improvement and removal of product equipment.
2. Technical consultation of operation, use and maintenance of product equipment and Training and on-spot guidance of operators.
3. Maintenance and Repair of Product Equipment: In case of product failure caused by quality or parts, the company provides free maintenance service for products within warranty period.
4. Emergent Product Fault Treatment: Within 12 hours after report is received, the company will supply treatment suggestions; and if needed, its service personals will arrive at sites within 24 hours.
5. The company can offer or manufacture spare parts for customers anytime.
6. Receiving complaint about product quality and supplying required service information for 24 hours per day and quickly making response to them.

Business Contact:
1.Service Hotline: +86-519-69996699
2. Chen Lihong Mobile: 13482438953 (24 hours) Tel.: 021-60977356 (From Monday to Friday)
3.Zhao Haidong Mobile: 18651963558 (24 hours) Tel.: 0519-68850127 (From Monday to Friday)

Jiangsu Gangyi Heavy Industry CO.,LTD

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